Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And the walls came tumbling down...

I have been trying to get unburied from all of the emotional rubble that has fallen on me in the last few days. Today was the first day I started feeling back to normal, however I feel like I have lost a part of me in all of this. I know Tim and I are going to be parents one day, its just hard to think that is possible with all the crap that is going on with Vietnam adoptions right now. My heart goes out to everyone involved in this and to all of the children that need families. The media has taken this story and run with it like always without telling every side. Anyway, enough about that, I have an adoption blog to talk about all of that on. Just really heavy on my mind and I am literally going to be on pins and needles until September 1st. If we don't have our referral by then, we need to make some decisions about how to move forward (ugh, just typing that makes me cry).
I will make a normal post later.

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