Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trying to Make a Come Back

Geeze, my life hasn’t been very interesting since I got sick and I am still fighting a cough, plugged ears and now my nose is all stuffed up again. Come on, this crap needs to get out of my system now…it is bringing me down in SO many ways.

I went out last night for Indian food (my favorite http://www.spicy-bite.com/ ) and had the spiciest dish I have ever had. I was hoping that the spice would burn out my illness. When I woke up this morning though, I felt like I was getting sick all over again though. Perhaps it is drawing all the stuff out, I don’t know.

Anyway, I do have news in the world of horses! I found a new instructor a couple weeks ago and have had two lessons with her and love it. I am at a really nice place now compared to where I was before – I didn’t know that until I started at my new place. My instructor, Carol, is really professional, consistent and takes everything super slow, which all work for me. I have been riding a horse named Apache, and you know, I am in love. He is so sweet. His personality is kind of like Snickers (who I miss) but even sweeter. He likes to “kiss” my arms and neck by puckering his lips and nipping at me with them. He is a dark buckskin color and is so silky soft; he has a black mane and tail. The cutest things about him is his mane in the front, it doesn’t lay down like the rest of it, it looks like a little afro, like Buckwheat! I will get some photos of him soon. My lesson experiences have been so great. When I show up at the stable I have to go and get him myself, put the halter on and walk him to the barn and groom him, saddle him up and get to the arena for my lesson. When the lesson is over, I get to spend more quality time with him out of the saddle which I think is the best part of the lesson. I take the saddle and bridle off, give him carrots and apples. Wipe him off where dirt may have collected (around the saddle area and girth) and groom him again. I then walk him back to his stall give him more treats, make sure he has hay for the night, tell him I love him and wish him a good night and sweet dreams. I may be able to sponsor him soon which means I could go and ride him anytime, which would be awesome! I would love to just go and visit him after a stressful day at work. I can’t wait to see him this weekend. I have already had dreams about him too!

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