Friday, September 29, 2006

Here Comes the Weekend!

It's almost the weekend and I am so excited. I have a lot of things planned this weekend, but they are all fun, so that's good.

Tonight, I am going to work on my house a little bit. I have some rearranging and organizing to do in my bedroom so it will be a mellow night. I am also working on a birthday present for one of my friends and I need to finish that tonight too.

Tomorrow, I have hypnotherapy in the morning, which I love! It gives me time to look inward and I always walk out of there refreshed and ready for the day. For those of you who imagine hypnotherapy the old fashioned way, where you are under the control of the therapist, you are mistaken. This is more like a guided meditation so you do a lot of the work yourself and make decisions while under hypnosis that are best for you and make you feel comfortable, so you are conscious the entire time. It is really cool.

I get to ride Apache tomorrow afternoon! I hope to take some photos of him so I can post them for all of you to see. He is so beautiful and I can't wait to see his face tomorrow. I can't wait to walk him, groom him and "talk" with him. We understand each other, I can't explain it. I enjoy my time on the ground with him as much as I enjoy my time in the saddle.

Tomorrow night, I am attending a spice theme birthday party. There will be some good food and some good people there for sure. I am looking forward to that.

Sunday, laundry in the morning and then dinner at Betelnut with Tim and Jadin. It should be nice. We are going to meet up and walk around first. She is a ballet dancer and there is a dance store over there that we are going to check out before dinner (sorry Tim).

All in all, I am excited and hoping to have a great weekend. I am still sick, went to the Doc yesterday and she said just take it easy and keep doing what I am doing and get enough rest at night and stop activities if I am tired. I have not done yoga in 3 weeks and am going nuts, but I can't breathe so I can't imagine taking a class yet. Perhaps next week, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

13 Days until Malta!

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