Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thoughts on Music

You know music can move you in a way that comes from nowhere? Like one moment you are fine, then a certain song plays and you are down on the ground?
It happens to me all the time when working with my headphones on and I hear something beautiful, touching or timely.

I am wondering if musicians are ever moved by their own music? 
Like when I am writing, sometimes it just takes over and I don't even digest what I am writing until I am done and read what I wrote and at times it can be emotional – do you think musicians work the same way?

Anyway – just on my mind this morning and thought I would tap your brains. I am listing to some beautiful guitar music this morning and it is so moving and I wonder how the musician can even stand to play it without crying.  I just wonder if their creative process is the same as that of another artist or writer where the music takes over and then after they are like – WOW.

Thank you Wendy for encouraging me to post this when I emailed you this very thing a while back.

1 comment:

Amy O. said...

I believe so. It's part of being an artist, and not just a performer.


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