Thursday, November 03, 2011

Foo Fighters

If you are ever looking for a ROCKIN' concert experience, I highly recommend going to see the Foo Fighters. After being very spoiled a couple years ago and scoring tickets to see them in a High School Auditorium acoustically I didn't know if anything could top it. This didn't top it, but it was right up there for sure. Dave and the guys played for close to 3 hours without any significant breaks. The night was topped off with a 5 song encore that started with an acoustic session with just Dave and his guitar. For two old ladies, Wendy and I did pretty good and even made it to work the next day which was yesterday, I was so tired I couldn't post (ha ha!). Anyway, Dave Grohl, if you are reading this, and you must be right? Thanks for a great night and we love you! Keep the music coming and we will keep rockin.

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