Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truck Love

Call it what you will but I am obsessed with pickup trucks, I have been since the moment my Uncle Larry pulled up in a big red pickup truck in my parent's drive way when I was a kid. Sitting in it made me feel on top of the world and when I was old enough and had the means, I bought myself a big red pickup truck - see photo here. Now I live in the city and parking would be a big hassle, so until I move up North or out into the burbs all I can do is look and obsess and take pictures of all the cool trucks I see around town (except that huge red one lower left, that was in Michigan). Just thought I would share my love and my collection of photos I put together from my cell phone.
PS - see the beat up white one on the left, 3rd row down? Same as my first red truck! I can spot them anywhere.


Amy O. said...

We have one like the beat-up white one in our backyard. Adam is doing a big project with it and taking the motor out and putting it in a different truck.
Also, I think I recognize the white one on the bottom row.
And...guess what...you have 12 trucks!

The Maltese Kat said...

I wish I really had 12 trucks! Yes, that white one on the bottom was from the Alameda Flea Market.


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