Friday, January 28, 2011

Chopped the Mop

Have I mentioned I did get that haircut I wanted?

Thanks to Sara, all the way in New Zealand who recommended a great hairdresser here in San Francisco; I went on Saturday morning and said good bye to my long locks.

I love the new cut, its super fun and if I dry it a certain way, I actually have a wave in my hair...who knew? Well, Emily did, but my hair was too long for it to come out.

Here it is...


Angela said...

oh super cute, more pics please!
miss you,

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks! I don't have any others, I hate being in front of the camera.
Miss you too - things have been a bit crazy as of late with work and all but are starting to simmer down (I hope!). I'll call you this week.
XO - Katie

pomegranate seed said...

YAY! It looks awesome! I haven't been online as much lately - too crazy with cam gone and me being a single parent since last weekend... through next weekend. i'm wiped out. but seriously - you look fantastic! glad it worked out - did you like lisa? i miss her terribly!


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