Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a nice weekend I just had! It was busy, but also so much fun!
Friday night after work I went straight to the laundry mat, I beat the crowd and got to talk to my Mom on the phone while my clothes dried which always makes the time go by fast!

photo: Knoxville Ballet School

Saturday I had ballet in the morning which was awesome! It was the 4th week of class and finally we have live accompaniment, which I super love. The pianist always adds to the class if you ask me. His ability to read the instructor and know what is coming next and what to play for what exercise is just incredible to me, all she needs to do is look over and say "thank you Robert" and he starts playing. His name is not Robert though, I forgot his name already, ooops!
All of us in class are getting used to seeing each other every week so we are getting more comfortable talking to each other each week, getting to know names, stripping down when barre is over and we hit the floor for diagonals. It is a pretty diverse group of people ranging in ballet experience which is cool.

Sunday, Tim and I went wine tasting with two other couples down in Monterey County. It was a beautiful day to say the least. We drove down to San Jose, jumped in Robin and Kenny's car and then met Erika and David down there. Great wine, great company and lots of laughs along with an incredible picnic lunch with baguette, Pt Reyes Blue Cheese, parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto, walnuts, fresh honey, pasta salad and of course a bottle of wine. Robin, you out did yourself with the spread! Bravo! This wine region is under estimated I believe, it is a huge Pinot Noir and Chardonnay area (yummmm). On top of grapes, there are tons of greens (lettuce, kale, broccoli, garlic) grown in the this area adding to the beauty of the valley. We went to 4 wineries total which is pretty good for a day, the guys went in one car and the gals in another which added to the fun of the day.After a day of tasting (drinking) wine, we ended it with a nice dinner at the Monterey Coast Brewing Company in downtown Salinas. Nothing like some bar grub to soak up the vino from the day. Great day trip for sure, I would do it again in a heart beat.


Angela said...

How fun, what a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect day - wish I was there. MOM


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