Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashion Love

Probably a good thing I am not tall and thin, otherwise I would be spending all of my hard earned money on these lovely things fresh off the runway for Spring 2011. I was looking for some inspiration for some Manic Monday posts and I got sucked right in to a world of fashion fantasy. Come join me....

I literally gasped when I saw this dress - so Tribal yet modern and orange! Hello, are those feathers at the bottom? I think I may be able to conquer the world in this dress!
Gucci Ready to Wear Spring 2011.

The color alone makes my heart rate speed up a bit. How I long for the Emerald City! Maybe the Wizard can help me get this dress! Gucci Ready to Wear Spring 2011. I bet if I wore this to my next job review, I would get a raise in a snap due to its ability to hypnotize anyone in its presence. Prada Ready to Wear Spring 2011. Tell the Skipper to bring the yacht around to the other side of the dock so as many people can see me as possible as I embark on my journey around the Mediterranean. Seriously, this dress and a GIANT sunhat and huge white sunglasses....I may even risk a lower SPF.
Prada Ready to Wear Spring 2011.
As a reward for living a year on nothing but water and French Leek Soup I might have to buy this one. Seriously, the striped skirt and the monkeys on the top. So many wrongs make it so right. Nobody talk to me until I have this outfit. Prada Ready to Wear Spring 2011.

All photos from
Warning...don't go there, you will spend hours watching runway shows (or maybe that's just me, but I don't believe this was an isolated incident).


Angela said...

Oh, i love the teal number!
How much does that run? I probably don't want to know. Fun post.
See you soon!!!
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

Ang - I can only imagine the price and I don't want to go there. Ugh, can you imagine it though - having one of these lovely dresses to wear?
Note to self...learn to sew like a master seamstress.


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