Friday, August 13, 2010

Beach House Weekend

I have been trying to post this since yesterday but flickr has been acting a little weird (PS - I do not like the new flickr).
This photo is hilarious, my expression alone makes me look like the cat that ate the canary.

This past weekend was the 8th Annual Beach House Weekend in Bodega Bay with my lady friends. It was basically 6 gals, lots of drinks, 3 nights and one beach house.

Here are some highlights:

:: Appetizer night
:: Arabian Nights dinner
:: Greekfest dinner
:: Make 'em yourself Nacho Bar!
:: Good meals all around
:: Many blender drinks
:: Pedicures
:: Haircuts
:: Henna
:: Fashion Show
:: Sex and the City (reruns NEVER get old)
:: Breaking all the rules (I will leave it at that)

This is a weekend I look forward to all year. We always have so much fun and I think it is a must for all women to get a group of friends together that get along very well and lock yourselves in a house in the middle of nowhere for a weekend. Pack lots of snacks, drinks, music, movies/DVD's and have a giant slumber party! I don't know how I would get through the summer without my Beach House weekend.

Our globe trotting Navy Wife, Erika (in white) was able to rejoin the group this year after being overseas the last couple years. It was like she was never gone, we all just picked up where we left off - that is how you know a true friend. Erika, please don't leave us again we all missed you so much!

We all left the Beach House on Monday and headed back to our homes with great memories of a weekend that always passes way too fast.

Emily and I stopped at Sams Anchor Cafe in Tiburon on the way home and ate out on the deck and yes, there was a little sun and it felt sooo good.

My sister and I had an extra day in the city before she had to fly back to Chicago on Tuesday night. Seeing my sister is also a must every summer and I am so blessed, I got to see her in June in Michigan and this past weekend out here in California. I love her so much, everyone should have a sister like mine, if you don't, you can borrow her for limited time at a LARGE fee. We hung out in the city on Tuesday, went to some used clothing stores, ate lunch at a vegan Mexican restaurant, I showed her my Bird's Nest and we went to Baker Beach. We made dinner together at my place on Tuesday night and then she cut my hair (again, I needed more cut off than what was cut at the Beach House) and I cut her some really cute bangs! At about 10:00 PM Tim and I drove her to the airport and said our goodbyes, that always makes me sad. We live to far away from eachother for sure!
It was a wonderful long weekend to break up the summer a bit.


Angela said...

You look incredible with your new hairdo!!!
I hope we have Beach Haus weekend until we are all old, gray, and senile!!!!
Love, love, love you all so much,

The Maltese Kat said...

Me too Ang! I can't believe my little pipe dream 8 years ago turned out to last this long and can't wait to see how long we can keep it going. It is truly a group effort at this point.

I think Em looks so cute too! Her boyfriend asked if I put a bowl on her head because I didn't cut her bangs straight across! I wanted to frame her cute little face 1950's style.

Raquel said...

Those bangs look fantastic!

The Maltese Kat said...

It helps that she is as cute as a button too!


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