Saturday, May 22, 2010

12 Years!

Today is our 12 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Here are 12 things I super love about Tim. They may be repeats from the past few years, but who cares!

1. Tim has the strongest faith in God of anyone I know.
2. Tim will eat anything I make even if he doesn't like it.
3. Tim supports my hair brained ideas the majority of the time.
4. Tim treats me and my family with respect and love no matter what at all times.
5. Tim is a friend to all animals.
6. Tim will not let me watch scary movies because he knows what they do to me.
7. Tim is a very hard worker and almost never calls in sick - he is dedicated.
8. Tim is always up for a party!
9. Tim has the best laugh when he gets going.
10.Tim is very sensitive (sometimes not so great because we both are very sensitive) but I would rather have sensitive than the opposite.
11. Tim claims that the smell of coffee wakes him up when I brew it on the weekends, I love that!
12. Tim brushes my hair whenever I ask him to - so nice.


Robin said...

Yeah for Tim & Katie! One of the great couples of our time!!!
Here's to 12 more and beyond!!!

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks Robin!
Much love to you and Kenny - may we all grow old together.
XO - Katie

Raquel said...

12 years of awesome! Congratulations to you and Tim!

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks Raquel!

Angela said...

Sorry, I missed this!
Happy Anniversary, so proud of you two!
I love you both very much,


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