Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming up for Air

Decided to take a little break and let you all know what is going on lately in the real world of the Maltese Kat.

On top of the event I am planning (coming to the end of planning as it is next week) and this being the most stressful time of year due to many things happening at work the following has also presented itself to me to deal with at this time:
  1. I have a mass of antibodies floating around in my right eye, thought it was just a floater, but I have a condition called Pars Plantis that has reared its ugly head again causing me distraction in my eye with this little thing floating around in there. I went to the retinal specialist and he is very conservative so he put me on steroid eye drops for a month and I see him again at the beginning of February. If the inflammation has not gone down by then, then we have to look at other options (steroid shot in the eye or internally take steroids). When I was first diagnosed with this issue about 3-4 years ago, I was tested for everything under the sun that can cause this problem including MS and Sarcoidosis and many other scary things, nothing presented itself so we are not retesting, just hoping the drops work for now. I see the Dr. again in Feb.
  2. Email this morning from our adoption agency that took care of our home study and they want an update of our adoption plans. Although it is a rule of mine not to cry at work if I can help it, I read the email, forwarded it to Tim and once he called me I lost it. I mean, I knew this was over a while ago, we just had not officially written to the agency to let them know we are not going to continue seeing as there is no movement at all and we have lost a significant amount of money and tears on this entire thing only to have it fall apart, thanks to Government policy which we are not blaming anyone for but the Government. We did some research on switching countries, but are trying to come to grips with the fact that now that Tim is 40 we cannot get a child between 3-36 months old and we really want a baby. The entire thing just blows, I mean, seriously, because Tim is 40 we can't be suitable parents to a baby? WTF?

OK, those two things alone are enough for now, I swear my next post will be fun, maybe a new fabulous find or something sassy!

Thanks for letting me air my issues.


robin said...

Oh Kater,
I am heartbroken for you guys! I love you very much!

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks Robin.
It has been a rough day - really the entire adoption process has been rough but today getting that email just killed me.
XO - Katie

Angela said...

I really, really want to hug you right now. I love you and Tim so much and you would be wonderful parents! I am so sorry that all of this has culminated at the same time and I'm so sorry about the adoption process itself. I hope things calm down and I hope your eye gets better.
Prayers and positive vibes being sent your way.
I love you,

Raquel said...

What a reward for turning forty. That absolutely sucks Katie, I am so, so sorry. Quite frankly I can't even believe those are the rules. Sometimes this world just doesn't make much sense to me...

Sending you good thoughts.

BeBop said...

I am so sorry Kate. Government policy is incredibly F-ed in that area. I am sure they have their reasons, which are extremely out-dated. etc.., but seriously? Great topic for a Social Welfare Law and Policy paper..

I love you and Tim and will talk to you this weekend.

pomegranate seed said...

oh katie - i don't even know what to say... but our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. that is one messed up rule - i had to re-read your post several times, in order to believe it, and make sure i read it correctly. ridiculous to say the least. total ageism in my opinion. who says that youth makes better parents? i'd take wisdom that comes with age any day.

lots of love.


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