Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flutes, Saucers or Trumpets?

I love the bubbly and it got me to thinking about the vessels that we use to enjoy our champagne or sparkling wine. I love the old school saucers or coupes - however, there is some controversy over who's breast it was modeled after. I also read that they should not be used for champagne but are better suited for sorbet or gelato as the wide mouth of the saucer allows the beverage to go flat quickly. I still love them but come to think about it, have not have the privilege to enjoy some bubbly out of one. I wouldn't worry about it going flat, since I more then likely wouldn't leave it in the glass for too long.

What is your preference?

I like the trumpets for Kir's or Cocktails and like the flutes for parties, the saucers remind me of An Affair to Remember and exude romance.

Does anyone order champagne cocktails anymore?

  • Sugar cube with a few drops of bitters
  • Cognac
  • Champagne

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