Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Vacation Anyone Can Afford

For those loyal readers of my blog, you know I have not had a vacation since October '06 when I went to Malta (my homeland). I have been really itching to travel but am in lock down money wise and my next trip will be to Vietnam to pick up our little one. With all of that said, I truly believe I have found the perfect solution for those who need a vacation but can't afford to take one. I would like to let you in on my new find...I have not opened the bag yet. First of all, I am allergic to mold (cheese), but am willing to give these a try; who knows, it may be worth it. Second, I need to get bathing suit ready, pack my bags and make sure I have up-to-date sunscreen. You bet your booty when I open these, I am expecting a full ray of sunshine to burst out of the bag, my cousins will be there to greet me and a mandolin will play 'O Sole Mio or Volare as I put the first chip in my mouth. As I make my way through the bag, my olive skin will begin to darken to the color of the perfect cappuccino (which I hope to find at the end of the bag). I won't be gone long enough to mail you all postcards like last time, but I am on my way. I will try to take some photos while I am there.

PS - If I don't post again for the next couple days, it means these chips really deliver! Please call the Kettle Chip company and let them know what I wrote above REALLY happened to me and they MUST choose some other destinations for the travel deprived!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know some people who have had these and love them. Happy travels!


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