Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Search Continues...

I know I have not mentioned it before on my blog, but I am on a quest for the best Pad Thai in the Bay Area. I used to work up in San Rafael where I believe the best is there on 4th Street in one of the two restaurants - Tim and I have to go up there to determine which one it is. I think it is Tavan Thai and not My Thai, but like I said, we have to go check it out.
If anyone has any leads on a great place for Pad Thai in the Bay Area, let me know.
So far, I have tried:
~ Dusit Thai (too sweet and orange)
~ Pad Thai (you would think it would be the best, right? WRONG!) UPDATE - Went there for dinner tonight (11/4) and the Pad Thai was pretty good. Maybe I had it delivered before which damaged the taste, tonight it was very good though. Yummm.
~ Berkeley Thai Palace (WAY too much shrimp paste or something fishy)
~ Boran Thai Restaurant (nothing to write home about, lots of sauce)
~ Thai Stick 2000 (pretty good, we are getting close)
~ Herbivore (vegan and very good, it has a peanut sauce which I like, but it isn't the traditional Pad Thai so I feel like I cant officially enter it into the contest)
I know, I am not being very specific about what was so great about the best Pad Thai ever, so when we go up there to see if it is still the best and what it was about it, that made it the best. I remember it had broccoli and big pieces of carrot in it. I used to have lunch there every Friday with my old co-worker Greg. Maybe I need to look him up and find out what place it is - it has been years!


Emily said...

spice of thai.. 6th and lafeyette. Best in metro detroit.! I'm blogging again. I couldnt remember my password!. I am going to document my trip to mexico for all to see!
love you!

pomegranateandpumpkin said...

try thep phanom (a block from my house - waller & fillmore!), or i hear that ploy 2 (is there a ploy 1?) in the upper haight - the one upstairs just below haight and shraeder is supposed to be one of the best... (we should go sometime!)


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