Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3 Day Weekend

As much as I needed the money, I took Monday off due to the Bay Bridge being closed, BART on a holiday schedule and just a plain old pain in the ass to get to work. So, I took the weekend and got a lot of little projects done. For example I, :
  • Completely gutted my cabinet in my bathroom (which was insane) and got rid of anything I hadn't used in the last couple weeks or was expired. Not sure why I had 3 mud masks, but only have one now and that is all that matters. I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet so on my side there are only things I use on a daily basis (face wash, toner, moisturizer, etc).
  • Let the plumber in on Saturday morning to fix our old pink toilet that just keeps spinning water around but won't suck it down. Problem is not us, it is the city line in the street, old pipe and needs to be replaced, ouch!
  • Took the pack-n-play and stroller along with other things that are taking up room for now to my storage unit. It will be easier to set up for Olive without all that stuff in there.
  • Completely cleaned off the kitchen table (phew!) put the leaf back in and swept the floor.
  • Mastered (not quite) my sewing machine and made this apron:
  • Went super budget grocery shopping, and saved $30 with coupons and in store discounts. I love to see that on the receipt!
  • Worked on Olive's Lifebook with Tim Monday morning. We sat at the newly cleaned off larger sized table and made pages in the scrapbook for both of our parents.
  • Finished some embroidery projects that I had started some time ago.
  • Made up a recipe for some cookies that are currently rocking Tim's world, SCORE! To view the recipe, click on Magpie's Kitchen.
  • Cleaned out TON's of magazines I "thought" I wanted to keep. I tore out what I wanted in the magazines and put them in their appropriate binder.
  • Page protected and bound ALL of our adoption paperwork. Needless to say, I need a significantly bigger binder. The project is on hold until I can get to an office supply store.
  • Hung the reminder of my pie tins on my wall. My Mom sent some with Emily when she came to visit and I LOVE all of them. Thanks Mom!
  • Much much more, but these are the major things. I still have a lot to do around my place. I wanted to gut my closet, I am sure there is some money to be made on some of my clothes I no longer wear. I will work on that this week (God willing).

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